teh Ultimate Party Ass Machine
Thursday, June 11th 2009
01_the_machinist_live_at_tessier-ashpool_061109.mp3 56mb
02_victory_live_at_tessier-ashpool_061109.mp3 28mb
03_royb0t_live_at_tessier-ashpool_061109.mp3 77mb
04_thmole_live_at_tessier-ashpool_061109.mp3 52mb
05_protman_live_at_tessier-ashpool_061109.mp3 63mb
08_realicide_live_at_tessier-ashpool_061109.mp3 52mb
Saturday, May 16th 2009
00_flyer_051609_unicornrobocop.jpg 1mb
01_tacopunch_dj_051609_pt1_Hold_on_to_ur_glitches.mp3 31mb
02_tacopunch_dj_051609_pt2_Am_I_raving_yet.mp3 88mb
03_ipaghost_live_051609.mp3 73mb
04_ocean_orbit_live_051609.mp3 39mb
05_protman_live_051609.mp3 75mb
protmannoise.mp3 114mb
Sunday, March 29th 2009
00_Flyer.jpg 1mb
01_Royb0t_Live032909.mp3 37mb
02_Protman_Live032909.mp3 53mb
03_Ipaghost_Live032909.mp3 49mb
04_SirVixx_Live032909.mp3 35mb
05_KKrusty_Live032909.mp3 28mb
06_Saskrotch_Live032909.mp3 37mb
07_CCDM_Live032909.mp3 41mb
08_Baconhanger_Live032909.mp3 19mb
Saturday, March 28th 2009
00_090328flyer.jpg 1mb
01_Protman_LiveAtPartyCentral_tacoskull 032809.mp3 34mb
Friday, March 20th 2009
00_090320flyer.jpg 1mb
01_royb0t_live_at_hotti_biscotti_090320.mp3 29mb
Friday, January 30th 2009
00_090130flyer.jpg 1mb
01_roybot_liveatreturnoftacoskull.mp3 39mb
02_protman_liveatreturnofcastletacoskull.mp3 36mb
03_stagediver_liveatreturnofcastletacoskull.mp3 71mb
Friday, December 26th 2008
00_081226flyer.jpg 1mb
01_protman_live_at_is_this_christmass.mp3 62mb
Saturday, September 13th 2008
00 - 080913flyer.jpg 1mb
01 - sound check.mp3 8mb
02 - tacopunch and worm are sex pixels.mp3 112mb
03 - grey people vs alcohol vs blunts.mp3 59mb
04 - favorite color.mp3 1mb
05 - kkrusty live at tacoskull.mp3 50mb
06 - who wants to buy a monkey.mp3 5mb
07 - baron knoxburry live at tacoskull.mp3 54mb
08 - storytime with worm.mp3 3mb
09 - phantom beatboxer live at tacoskull.mp3 7mb
10 - saskrotch live at tacoskull.mp3 48mb
11 - royb0t live at tacoskull.mp3 51mb
12 - meow.mp3 1mb
13 - ipa ghost live at tacoskull.mp3 38mb
14 - drnkman dj last call.mp3 24mb